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2023 AGM Update

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Football Hall of Fame WA was held on Saturday 30 December, with 2023 Executive Committee members and Football Hall of Fame WA inductees in attendance.

Simon Hicks, who joined as the Football West liaison in 2020 and later became an Executive Committee member, was confirmed as the new President, while Penelope Hoath continued in her role as Secretary. Past committee members Louis Prospero and John O’Connell re-joined the team, while Brett Klucznik continued as an Executive Committee member, a position he has held since 2019.

Incoming President Simon Hicks paid tribute to the outgoing members’ significant contributions to the Football Hall of Fame WA and reiterated the commitments made at the 2023 AGM.

“On behalf of the Football Hall of Fame WA, I’d like to thank Elizabeth Re for her years of service as an Executive Committee member and, most recently, as President for the launch of WA’s first football museum in 2023. We also extend our thanks to Vince Matassa and Paul McVittie, who both leave the Executive Committee having served since 2021.

“The Football Hall of Fame WA strives to promote, preserve and protect the history of football in Western Australia. The inductees, having been recognised as individuals who have contributed and achieved significantly to football in Western Australia, are at the heart of our mission and decisions.

“Our entire Executive Committee not only understands but shares the strong views of our football community with regard to the need to embed the voting rights of our inductees into the constitution, and we remain fully committed to achieving this in the coming months.”

The Football Hall of Fame WA confirms that it has held the first meeting of the new Executive Committee, where the journey towards a modified constitution was formalised. This first meeting also saw the Executive Committee accept the resignation of Treasurer and former President Elizabeth Re, who had served on the Executive Committee since 2018. Brett Klucznik was unanimously elected as Treasurer following Elizabeth’s resignation.

The Football Hall of Fame WA remains on track to officially confirm its proposed constitutional changes, as committed at the AGM, by the end of April.

In the meantime, there exist two casual vacancies on the Executive Committee and the Football Hall of Fame WA welcomes expressions of interest from the football community who wish to join and contribute. For more information on this process, please see our EOI form on the below link.

2024 Football Hall of Fame WA Executive Committee

Simon Hicks (President)

Penelope Hoath (Secretary)

Brett Klucznik (Treasurer)

John O’Connell

Louis Prospero

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