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25 Years of the Hall of Fame, Part Six

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia. In celebration of this milestone, we dig back into the archives to recognise the people and events that have shaped and influenced the Hall of Fame. Today we turn the spotlight onto the events of 2012 through to 2016…

The fifth Hall of Fame induction ceremony truly was a night to remember for Sandra Brentnall, who became the first female footballer in the world to enter a Hall of Legends when she was elevated from the Hall of Champions. Goalkeeping great Robbie Zabica was also bestowed with legendary status at the May 2012 event.

Nine players were welcomed into the Hall of Champions, amongst them international stars Julie Gorton (nee Clayton), Judy Pettitt, Tony Franken, Stan Lazaridis, Scott Miller and Bobby Despotovski. A posthumous induction was made for Wally Gardner, one of the finest pre-World War I footballers to grace the fields of WA.

The Hall of Merit for Players was boosted by fourteen which included two-time league Fairest and Best winner Peter Atkinson and Australia youth internationals Steve Martin, Frank Farone and Paul Tombides. Nine referees, coaches, administrators and medics were honoured through the Hall of Recognition.

Inducted into the Football Hall of Fame WA in 2012 were –

Hall of Legends: Sandra Brentnall and Robert Zabica

Hall of Champions: Bobby Despotovski, Tony Franken, Wally Gardner, Julie Gorton (nee Clayton), Stan Lazaridis, Willie McNally, Scott Miller, Judy Pettitt and Allan Pottier

Hall of Merit for Players: Peter Atkinson, Troy Bernard, Alf Debono, Edmundo Faletti, Frank Faraone, Glenn Giudici, Ernie Hannigan, Steve Martin, Peter Murphy, Brian Newell, Mike Smith, Steve Stacey, Paul Tombides and Steve Tombides

Hall of Recognition: John Birighitti, Giuliano Cantoni, Peter Faulks, Dr Ken Fitch, Andy Gorton, Dr Ken Maguire, Jimmy Mayers, Frank Moretti and Doug Stewart

View the 2012 induction highlights video commissioned by Football West

In June 2014, the Hall of Fame produced a booklet celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Perth Kangaroos’ S-League adventure. A similar booklet – Class of ’75 – was published twelve months later to mark the State teams’ success at the 1975 Marah Halim Cup and victories over Glasgow Rangers and the Australia ‘B’ side.

The Hall of Fame created history themselves with the September 2014 launch of footballhalloffamewa.com.au, the first website of its kind in Australia, and quite possibly the world. Three months later the England Cricket Media levelled the Ashes football series by claiming a thrilling 3-2 win over the Hall of Fame/WA Sporting Media combination at Dorrien Gardens.

The retirement of long-serving Committee members Bob Brown, Peter Dimopoulos and Barbara Gibson had the Hall of Fame begin 2015 with a new-look. The Committee now featured Louis Prospero, John O’Connell, Mel Moffat, Richard Kreider, Roger Males, Barry Rogers, David Mortimer and Sandra Brentnall.

The Hall of Fame embarked on a new level of engagement with the football community in August 2016 with the launch of our Facebook account. That move into the social media arena came only a few months after the final edition of the ever-popular ‘the Fame Game’ newsletter rolled off the presses.

Feature image: The 2012 Hall of Fame committee Richard Kreider, John O’Connell, Roger Males, Bob Brown, Loius Prospero, Barbara Gibson, Peter Dimopoulos and Mel Moffat

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