About Us

What is the Football Hall Of Fame WA?

The Football Hall of Fame Western Australia strives to promote, preserve and protect the history of football in Western Australia. Established in 1996, we are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers whose passion is all things West Australian football.

The aims and objectives of the Football Hall of Fame WA are –

1. To promote, preserve and protect the history of football in Western Australia.

2. To develop wider Australian and International links, which will lead to information sharing.

3. To provide a gateway for interaction with the International and Australian football communities and will be involved in a host of football activities.

4. To organise networking events on a periodical basis to come together and develop relationships.

5. To organise events.

6. To create a comprehensive Directory, identifying members by different Halls. Including the publication of Newsletters, and dissemination of information through electronic print media.

7. To receive and process applications for the induction of individuals, clubs and organisations into the various Halls.

8. To establish a museum to collect, catalogue, display, collate historical items of interest pertaining to the Western Australia football community.

9. To identify, promote and recognise the interest of International Communities associated with FIFA and recognising the contributions and services of the persons for promoting football.

10. To partner with and support other similar organisations operating in Australia and other countries and to be aware of Australian and other countries football history.

11. To organise and host joint events with organisations, associations, government departments, etc., for the promotion of football including hosting Australian and various countries’ Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Consul Generals, trade officers, government officials and other dignitaries.